Secured Overdrafts (OD)

Facility:                      Overdraft Limit

Eligibility:                   Individual or Firms


Agricultural/Education/ Small Business/ Profession/any other to meet Short time Financial Requirements


Lien on Fixed/Term Deposits

Rate of Interest:       2% Extra on Deposit Interest Rate

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Loan Limit:                Maximum Rs.100.00 Lacs

Max Loan period:    1 Year (subject to yearly renewal)

Repayment:               Repayable on Demand

Interest method:       Diminishing Method

Basic Documents:                 

» KYC documents of Borrowers and Guarantors.

» Fixed Deposit Bonds of our Bank.

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Margin:                        Up to 90% of Deposit Value

Processing Fees:       Nil

Terms & Conditions:  As per Bank’s Loan Policy.

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