Where ever you’re, keep your valuables completely safe with Gayatri Safe Deposit Lockers / Vaults. Gayatri Bank provides this facility at most our branches. Get your own Safe Deposit Locker now!

Key Points

Lockers can be hired by individuals, limited companies, associations and trusts.

  Nominal Annual Rent based                 on locker size.                                                                           

Access your locker on all working days during banking hours (10 AM to 7 PM)

Click on the below link to view the Branches list of Locker / Vault facility

Most Important Terms & Conditions

  • Locker can be allotted individually as well as jointly subject to Availability of Lockers.
  • Rent should be be paid on annual basis in advance.
  • Rent will be based on the Size of the Locker.
  • KYC Norms are applicable for locker hirers.
  • Lockers cannot be allotted to minors, either individually or jointly with others.
  • Nomination facility is available.
  • If a locker remains UN-operated for more than one year, the branch has the right to cancel the lockers allotment and open the locker, even if the rent is paid on regular basis.
  • Loss of key is to be immediately informed to the locker branch.
  • If the locker is surrounded in the middle of the calender year, rent collected for the remaining months will not be refunded to the customer.
  • The branch will assist you after the form has been submitted by you.
  • You can set a Standing Instruction in your Account to pay your annual locker rent.

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