Recurring Deposits

Recurring Deposit is a investment tool that allows you to  build your financial future over time by depositing a preset amount of money on a monthly basis.

Gayatri Bank’s Recurring Deposit Scheme makes sure you receive attractive interest rates on your investment.


Minimum Deposit

₹ Rs.100/-

Flexible Tenure

365 Days - 12O Months

Additional Interest for senior citizen


Who Can Deposit:

» Individuals (singly or jointly), Minor by a natural guardian, Organizations, Co-op. Societies, Registered Trust, Institutions and Associations.

» Customers can make Deposits through their Mobile Banking Login also at any time.

Maximum Amount of Deposit:

No Limit

» Interest will be paid on the deposits at the rate in force from time to time.

» Rate of interest as applicable to Bank's TDR / STDR for the period of the RD

» To know about our current Interest Rates, please Click here.

» Additional interest of 0.50% PA for Senior Citizens.

» Interest amount will be paid on maturity along with principle.

Deposit Certificate: 

Pass Book will be provided. 

Loan against Deposit: 

Loan can be granted for up to 85 % of the deposit amount against the pledge of Deposit Receipts in case of need.

Premature Withdrawal

Allowed with penalty of 1% in applicable interest rate for the tenure of deposit as on the date of placement of deposit.

» Where the depositors fail to pay an installment for a calendar month, no reminders will be sent by the Bank

» Penalty will be charged for non-Deposit of monthly installments:

» Standing Instructions for auto credit by debiting from Saving/Current Account can be executed for free.

» TDS is applicable. Form 15H/15G required to be submitted for exemption of TDS, when you open a Fixed Deposit and subsequently at the beginning of the following financial year.

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Latest News

Deposit Insurance

Deposit Insurance on Deposits up to Rs. 5 Lakh is Applicable through DICGC, India.

The Deposit Insurance System in India is subject to the Provisions of Deposit Insurance Act (enacted in 1961). Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (Wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India) is the body that operates the deposit insurance system. 

To download more information click the following link : DICGC 
(Website : )