Deposits FAQ'S

A Fixed Deposit (FD) allows you to invest a lump sum of money for a certain period or tenure in order to earn a predetermined rate of interest. A Fixed Deposit often yields a greater interest rate than a regular savings account until the term expires.

A Recurring Deposit (RD) allows you to deposit smaller amounts at regular intervals, while earning interest comparable to a fixed deposit.

You may book an FD by visiting the nearest branch or by using the Gayatri Mobile Banking application.

Interest rates can be available in both Website and Gayatri Mobile Banking application. To know the interest rates click here

Yes. The minimum amount is necessary for FD is Rs. 1000/- and RD is Rs. 100/-

Deposit Insurance on Deposits upto 5 Lakh is Applicable through DICGC, India.

The Deposit Insurance System in India is subject to the Provisions of Deposit Insurance Act (enacted in 1961). Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (Wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India) is the body that operates the deposit insurance system.

To download more information click the following link : DICGC

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